Dear Colleagues, 

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 17th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and other Implantable Auditory Technologies (CI2023) that will take place in Valencia (Spain), February 22-25, 2023.

The CI2023 will gather prominent global experts in this field including basic scientists, clinical specialists, and researchers.  There will be very productive clinical debates on various topics related to all fields in Cochlear Implantation and other Implantable Devices, as well as a special focus on Basic Sciences, including the most important research groups in the world. Possibilities to publish the best presentations in best journals will be offered, and presentations will be available on-demand.

For this formidable task, we will have the collaboration of the most relevant institutions and boards: the European Board of Cochlear Paediatric Implants (ESPCI), the Asia Pacific Board in CI (APSCI), the American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACIA), the Grupo Ibero-americano de Implantes Cocleares (GICCA) and the Pan-African CI Groups (PAFOS). In addition, the Politzer Society and the International Federation of Otolaryngologies Society (IFOS) support this meeting.

We welcome all of you to join us at CI2023. We are excited to hold a face-to-face meeting again and share our time and knowledge with all friends all over the world, and we will do it safely. Live academic meetings are historically known to be the best method for medical professionals to gather and disseminate information, share new knowledge, and set new evidence-based policies and guidelines. On the other hand, important advantage has been found regarding the social interaction between professionals arriving from different backgrounds. 

We assume the challenge of planning although COVID-19 impact is decreasing, it remains a serious concern still. As the date of celebration of CI2023 is approaching, we will assume those rules that offer attendees the highest levels of security.

The Conference Board is fully committed to bringing the highest scientific and organizing levels to this event. We expect this meeting to be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge, join friends, and build new friendships. Further, we strive to make a positive impact on Valencia, its community, and the environment with this congress. We will be sharing more about this going forward.  

We would be delighted to give you in person a warm welcome to Valencia February 2023.


Prof. Angel Ramos Macias                                                       Prof. Manuel Manrique Rodriguez


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