Chairman: Thomas Nikolopoulos

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Unilateral versus Bilateral Cochlear Implants in Adults: A Cross-Sectional Comparative Analysis Across Multiple Hearing Domains. ALESSANDRA PANTALEO
  • Effect of Insertion Depth of a Cochlear Implant Electrode Array on the Recipients Speech Perception Outcomes: A Systematic Review. ANANDHAN DHANASINGH
  • Not Just An Electrode Insertion: What Should You Know About Cochlear Parameters.  TAWFIQ KHURAYZI

Chairman: Susana Benítez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Preservation of Functional Residual Hearing Comparing Manual and Robotic Insertion of Cochlear Implants. BRUCE GANTZ
  • The effect of Forward Focus feature on Speech in noisy environment at Cochlear Implant users. OSAMA MAJDALAWIEH
  • Cochlear implantation with a Safety Burr: First clincal experiences. AARNO DIETZ 








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Chairman: Joachim Müller

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Genetic of deafness and its impact on cochlear implant outcomes. ABDELAZIZ RAJI
  • Applications of visualizing cochlear basal turn in preoperative image analysis during cochlear implantation procedure. ANANDHAN DHANASINGH
  • Magnetic Resonance imaging can be used to predict the cochlear duct length in normal cochleas. FAISAL ZAWAWI
  • Genetic findings and hearing rehabilitation outcomes in patients with incomplete partition type III. YING CHEN

Chairman: Özgür Yiğit

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Review of implantation benefits for senior patients, based on the experience at the ENT Clinic in Szczecin. RENATA TWARDOWSKA
  • Comparable auditory outcomes between scala vestibuli and scala tympani insertions one year after cochlear implantation. RENATO TORRES
  • Facial nerve stimulation post cochlear implantation. ROA HALAWANI
  • Optimizing latency correction for sound localization in bimodal cochlear implant users by applying various device latencies. SABINE HOCHMUTH

Chairman: Isaura Rodríguez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Comparing signal pre-processing in OTE and BTE processors – how does it influence CI users' hearing in noise? ANDREAS BÜCHNER
  • Impedance and Functional Outcomes in Robotic-Assisted or Manual Cochlear Implantation PHILIPPE LEFÈBVRE
  • The TEMPORAL project: Optimizing speech coding strategies by using models and machine learning JOHAN H.M. FRIJNS
  • Feasibility of using an active mass transducer as a middle ear microphone. CAROLINA KÖSTLER

Chairman: Gloria Guerra

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Auditory function in noise-exposed normal-hearing GAYANE SARGSYAN
  • Readability and Quality of Online Health Information about Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids MATTHEW BUSH
  • Focused Stimulation Auditory Detection Thresholds Used for Research Correlate with Clinical Measures in Cochlear Implants JULIE ARENBERG
  • Cochlear implants for single sided deafness: improved sound-localization performance without processing of binaural cues MARTIJN AGTERBERG

Chairman: Susana Benítez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Music Appreciation and Timbre perception in Iranian Cochlear Implant Users ALI KOUHI
  • "Hearing loss Quality of Life” Questionnaire – Development and Validation ANGELIKA ILLG
  • The impact of severe sensorineural unilateral hearing loss on productivity CATO PHILIPS
  • Difficult Situations In Cochlear Implantation. ROHIT MEHROTRA

Chairman: Jaime Monedero

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Re-magnetization process of an implanted cochlear implant, could it be done? FRANCISCO ROPERO ROMERO
  • Speech Intelligibility Index: A Referral Guideline for Pediatric Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluations GABRIELLE WATSON
  • Different routes and methods for inner ear drug delivery ATHANASIA WARNECKE

Chairman: José María Cuyás

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Simultaneous Adult CI: Pushing The Boundaries NAWAF FATANI
  • The role of Photon-counting CT imaging in CI surgery NICOLAS VERHAERT
  • Outcomes of cochlear implantation using Flex26 electrode: audiological results and quality of life after 12 months PIOTR HENRYK SKARZYNSKI
  • Common challenges in cochlear implant surgery under local anaesthesia and how to overcome them: The experience of UK surgeons. EMMA STAPLETON

Chairman: Ángel Ramos de Miguel

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • General Perceived Self-efficacy in Teenagers and Young Adults who received their 1st CI before 30 months: a cross-sectional cohort study ULRIKA LÖFKVIST
  • Longterm results following bilateral CI in children RUDOLF HAGEN
  • Young Adults with CI Matter SUE ARCHBOLD
  • Older children functional outcome MOHAMED ALSHEHABI 

Chairman: Manuel Gómez Serrano

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The Impact of Cochlear Implantation on Sound Quality and Quality of Life in Postlingually Deaf Adults: A Prospective Study ARASH BAYAT
  • Improved Music Perception after Music Therapy following Cochlear Implantation in the Elderly Population BIANCA WIRTHNER
  • Free-Field Hearing Test in Noise with Free Head Rotation for Evaluation of Monaural Hearing CAROLINE GUIGOU
  • Evaluation of Guided Self-Rehabilitation in Patients with Sudden Onset Unilateral Deafness Treated with Cochlear Implants ESTER SUREDA BENEJAM

Chairman: Thomas Klenzner

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Disturbances in cochlear implant eletrode impedances associated with peripheral vestibular syndrome: cochlear implant induced labyrinthitis? VLADIMÍR KOUCKÝ
  • Influence of stimulus parameters on electrically elicited vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in cochlear implant users LAURA FRÖHLICH
  • Vestibular function in children before and after CI surgery - JOSINE WIDDERSHOVEN

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Chairman: Juan Carlos Falcón

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Electrocochleography Amplitude Patterns as Biomarker of Residual Inner Ear Function in Cochlear Implant Patients STEFAN WEDER
  • Initial User Feedback on the Cochlear™ Nucleus® SmartNav System TIAGO ROCHA FÉLIX
  • AIM provides real-time feedback to the cochlear implant surgeon for optimal and atraumatic electrode insertions UNAI MARTINEZ DE ESTIBARIZ
  • Intracochlear electric field parameters derived from the transimpedance matrix for three types of cochlear-implant electrode arrays in temporal bones VILLE SIVONEN
  • What changes in cochlear microphonic indicate during electrode array insertion PATRICK BOYLE
  • Individualized CI surgery via a new medical imaging software TIM NAUWELAERS
  • Digitally visualized electrocochleography driven electrode insertion provides better residual hearing after CI Surgery DIANA ARWEILER-HARBECK


More Information Available soon


Chairman: Vedat Topsakal

Communication Titles and speakers:


  • Cochlear SmartNav 2 as a Service Improvement. KONSTANCE TZIFA
  • Cochlear implantation in incomplete partition type I; our experience with 20 cases ALI EFTEKHARIAN
  • Recurrent mastoiditis after cochlear implantation in common cavity malformation patient. ALMAT ZHANDAULETO
  • Management of cochlear implant exposure with temporoparietal flap and split skin grafting of donor area – Our experience ANAND RAJU
  • Unlocking the Potential: Pre-Op and Post-Op CT Fusion for Optimizing Individualized Cochlear Implantation ASMA ALAHMADI
  • Cochlear Implantation Surgery in Children in Kenya. ASMEETA PATEL
  • Cochlear implantation and otitis media: a clear and present danger. BADR ELDIN MOSTAFA
  • Intraoperative detection of extracochlear electrodes using stimulation current induced non-stimulating electrode voltage measures (transimpedance measures) –A case series DAKOTA BYSOUTH-YOUNG
  • Assessment of auditory pathway using a pre-operative trans-tympanic electrically evoked auditory brainstem response under general anesthesia in doubtful cochlear implant pediatric candidates. MARGOT BARTOLOMÉ

Chairman: Andrzej Zarowski

Communication Titles and speakers:


  • Difficult posterior tympanotomy in pediatric CI: how to predict?. SAAD ELZAYAT
  • Characteristics of trauma for lateral wall electrode arrays following cochlear implantation RENATO TORRES
  • The Use of X-Ray in Measuring the Angular Insertion Depth of Cochlear Implant Electrode Array HESSA ALI ALHAMMADI
  • Combined approach of preoperative CT parameters as a predictor for round window visibility in cochlear implant patient, could it help? MOHAMED GHONIM
  • Late complications of middle ear implantation in children: our experience NADER NASSIF
  • Cochlear Implantation in Child with Common Cavity Deformation NURSLAM AKHMETOV
  • A new objective-based method for measuring the cochlear duct length RABEA AL SABILAH
  • 'Veria" Approach for Paediatric Cochlear Implantation - A Study of 100 Cases RAJESH VISHWAKARMA
  • Systematic review of Post-cochlear implant electrode migration: what is known? SAAD ALENZI
  • When sound is heard after long silence, CI in common cavity with hypo plastic nerve. The oval window is an alternative pathway.   ASHRAF FAYED 

Chairman: Artur Lorens

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The misplaced cochlear implant electrode AHMED MEHANNA
  • Simultaneous Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in Children Under Two Years of Age: A 10-Year Experience ALEXANDRA CORTÉS ARCINIEGAS
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the use of directional microphones in Sonnet 2 processors in children, users of cochlear implant systems ANITA OBRYCKA
  • Mental health in adolescents who received cochlear implants before 30 months: effects of age at CI and aetiology ANNA PERSSON
  • Language Development of Three-to-Five-year-old Children with bilateral Cochlear Implants.- Results of Children in Germany. A multicentre retrospective study. BARBARA STREICHER
  • Five year outcomes of cochlear implantation in children with single and multiple additional needs. CHRISTOPHER RAINE
  • Literacy Achievement of Deaf Students with Cochlear Implants CONNIE MAYER

Chairman: Nicolas Verhaert

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Long-term outcomes and executive functions of adults with prelingual bilateral profound deafness FABIAN BLANC
  • The Impact of Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implantation on the quality of life in children FAISAL ZAWAWI
  • Effect of Radiological Grade of Cochlear Ossification on Cochlear Implant Outcome in Post meningitis Deafness FARID ALZHRANI
  • Title cochlear implantation in children : our experience of 522 cases FARID BOUDJENAH
  • Long-term auditory outcomes for adolescents and young adults using cochlear implants since early childhood FILIP ASP
  • Evolution of speech perception in patients with ossified cochlea and short array cochlear implant GUILHERME ADAM FRAGA
  • The connection between verbal working memory capacity and language outcomes in children with cochlear implants IVANA ŠIMIĆ ŠANTIĆ
  • Cochlear Implants in Children with Partial Hearing: data from 10-year UK collaboration KATE HANVEY

Chairman: Eric Truy

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • How can we manage the surgical difficulties in cochlear implantation ? ALMA MANIU
  • Cochlear implant surgery under local anaesthesia in ASA 1 and 2 patients. EMMA STAPLETON
  • OTOVIRT: a workflow for semi-automatic modeling and segmentation of the temporal bone as a simulation tool for haptic virtual surgery. FRANCISCO ROPERO-ROMERO
  • Reimplantation surgery in cochlear implant electrode failure GABRIEL HUGUET LLULL
  • Intra-operative measurements of the stapedius reflex via EMG - A feasibility clinical study GERD FABIAN VOLK
  • Standarizan of endaural soft tissue approach in cochlear implant surgery. ALI GAMAL ZOHNI
  • Outcomes of cochlear implantation in adult patients after bacterial meningitis - ZDENĚK FÍK 

Chairman: Bulent Satar

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Quality of Life and Auditory Benefits in Patients with Sudden Onset Unilateral Deafness Treated with Cochlear Implants: A Comprehensive Assessment AINA MUNTANER VIVES
  • What MRI tells us about the adaptation of deaf adults to cochlear implants ANAÏS GRÉGOIRE
  • Subjective perception of emotional factors in CI users ANGELIKA ILLG
  • Speech understanding in CI recipients correlated with genetic evaluation ANKE LESINSKI-SCHIEDAT
  • Predicting postoperative speech recognition of cochlear implant recipients with ski-slope hearing loss SANNE EEMERS
  • Central auditory processing difficulties in cochlear implant children users with Persian-Buffalo Model Questionnaire-Revised SARA MOHAMMADALIZADEH
  • Cochlear implantation 1 in Neurofibromatosis type 2-related schwannomatosis: Long-term hearing outcomes.  ISABELLE MOSNIER
  • St George’s Auditory Implant Service – an audit of 17 years of adult cochlear implants. HESHAM KHALID

Chairman: Mauricio Cohen

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Cochlear implant candidacy in patients with Maniere's desease. JORGE GUILLERMO CABRERA ORTIZ
  • Test Equivalency of the Spanish and English AzBio Sentences Among Bilingual Normal Hearers SANDRA PRENTISS
  • Sequential cochlear implantation in a long-time interval JAN BOUCEK
  • An artificial lag in stimulation timing affects sound source localization in bilateral cochlear implant users JOSEF SEEBACHER
  • Effects of Stimulation Rate on Speech Perception by Cochlear Implant Users LEILA AZADEH RANJBAR
  • Does anatomy-based fitting have any advantage on music perception in cochlear implant users? LUIS LASSALETTA
  • Hearing loss, depression and cognition in younger and older adult CI candidates MARIA HUBER

Chairman: Andreas Radeloff

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Do the children with cochlear implants comprehend verbal irony? CINZIA LAZZARINI
  • Policy Options for Improving Access and Timeliness of Care for Children's Hearing Rehabilitation in Latin America CLAUDIA CARO
  • Cochlear Implant: Family and rehabilitation HELENA GABRIELA FIÚSA ALVES
  • Educating and Empowering Families Of Cochlear Implant Users LEENA VISHWAKARMA
  • Factors Associated with No-Show Rates in a Pediatric Audiology Clinic MATTHEW BUSH
  • Analysis of postoperative rehabilitation modalities following pediatric cochlear implantation MENGPING WANG
  • Social multimedia projects as a tool to raise public awareness of rehabilitation opportunities for people with hearing impairment NATALIA KONIUSHENKO
  • Investigating efficacy of auditory processing disorders phonemic and phonemic synthesis rehabilitation therapies in Persian children with cochlear implant JILA AFSHARMANESH


Please notice that this list includes only the uploaded ones. All posters will be displayed as e-posters.


  • Long-term in vivo pharmacokinetics of dexamethasone-loaded electrode carrier dummies with different types of loading. Arne Liebau
  • Biodegradable Inner Ear Implants for the Controlled Release of Glucocorticoids in Combination with Cochlear Implants. Eric Lehner
  • Cochlear Implantation: Small Cochlear Diameter May Indicate Degree of Abnormality. Fahad Altamimi


  • Perilymph profile as a novel diagnostic tool. Athanasia Warnecke
  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Auditory Outcomes in Pediatric Acute Bacterial Meningitis: Implications for Steroid Use and Cochlear Implantation. Faisal Zawawi
  • Two rare cases of unilateral multifocal cochleovestibular schwannoma – genetic analysis and management by surgical resection and cochlear implantation. Jonas Scheffler
  • Radiological assessment of Algerian children with congenital sensorineural hearing loss. Karim Messaoudi
  • Kid Syndrome: a case report. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear implantation in auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders. Maria Isabel Kós


  • Outcomes of cochlear implantation in patients with Down syndrome. Adrien Gendre
  • Cochlear implantation in children. Single center experience. Almat Bekpan
  • Usage of “dummy” electrode in meningitis induced singe sided hearing loss. Dimitrios Paouris
  • Bilateral Anterior Displaced Sigmoid Sinus in Cochlear Implantation: A Proposed Solution. Ihab Sefein
  • Complications of cochlear implantation in Department of ENT MF CU and NICD Bratislava, Slovakia. Irina Goljerová
  • Feasibility of Early Device Activation in Cochlear Implant Recipients with Prelingual Deafness. Jianjun Sun
  • Difficulties in cochlear implant surgery. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear implantation in children with X-linked deafness : a case report. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear explantation: why we do it?. Karim Messaoudi
  • Modified extended endaural incision: safe minimal approach for cochlear implantation. Lobna El Fiky


  • Spatial release of masking in congenitally deaf children after sequential bilateral cochlear implantation. Anita Obrycka
  • Cochlear Implantation in Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Audit of Listening Outcomes and Device Use in a Cohort of 44 Children. Cristina Simoes-Franklin
  • Surgical-Audiological Urgency: Sensorineural  hearinf loss after meningitis. Enrique Guillén Lozada
  • Cochlear implantation in children: the earlier, the better. Graca Cristina Cardoso Oliveira
  • Predicting Hearing Potential: Does Data logging predict spoken language outcomes?. Hannah Ager
  • Assessing post cochlear implant anexiety and corelating it to socio demographic and clinical characteristics. Ihab Nada
  • Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties Should we be offering cochlear implants?. Jennifer Robertson
  • Predicting Hearing Potential: Are our children achieving full-time use of their hearing technology?. Justine Maggs
  • Epidemiological aspects of cochlear implantation In Ouargla (Algeria): A monocentric retrospective study. Karim Messaoudi
  • ‘Slow No’ and ‘Careful Yes’: Development of a predicted outcome scale to inform complex decision making. Kate Hanvey
  • Early access to language matters: Theory of mind in school-aged children with cochlear implants. Kristina Burum
  • Evaluating the relation between mothers’ level of depression and their cochlear implanted children’s social performance. Leila Monshizadeh
  • An online music program for supporting language and communication development in toddlers with cochlear implants (CIs): preliminary results on toddlers’ vocabulary and gestures. Letizia Guerzoni
  • Musical perception in cochlear implant users. Relationship with singing voice. Luis Lassaletta
  • Indications outcomes clinical predictors. Mohamed Alshehabi
  • Cochlear implantation: Experience of the ENT service – Tlemcen University Hospital Center. About 363 cases. Sahraoui Mohammed
  • Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders and cochlear implantation in children. Zdenka Aksenovová
  • Cochlear implant in syndromic inner ear outcome. Saeed Abdullah M Alghamdi


  • Feasibility of Cochlear implantation in an irradiated temporal bone, case report and literature review. Bassam Alzuraiqi
  • Vascular variations in cochlear implant surgery. Carmen Hernandez Torres
  • Otoplan, Cochlear implant and Far-advanced otosclerosis: could the use software improve the Surgical final indication?. Francesca Gioeli
  • Pre-clinical testing and initial results in a clinical study to access the stapedius muscle via a novel retrofacial approach. Gerd Fabian Volk
  • 3D modeling based on segmented Dyna-CT images helps to access the human stapedius muscle. Gerd Fabian Volk
  • Assessing the Significance of Non-Ideally Inserted Perimodiolar Slim Electrodes: Perception and Management Strategies. Jean-Marc Gerard
  • Security tips for the cochlear implant surgery. Luis Durán Pérez
  • Simultaneous bilateral implantation in post-bacterial Meningitis. Manuela Del Carmen Zapata
  • Cochlear implantation in a patient with Paget’s disease. Wolfram Pethe


  • Contribution of surgical planning software to determine the frequency table assignment based in the anatomy. Ana Cristina Hiromi Hoshino
  • Outcomes of cochlear Implantation in NF2 Patients. Chai Yongchuan
  • Diminishing handicap level, Enhancing Emotional, Social Well-being, and Functional Hearing with Cochlear Implants in Single-Sided Deafness. Dayse Tavora-Vieira
  • Effects of wind noise reduction on speech perception with the MED-EL Sonnet cochlear implant audio processor. Guido Reetz
  • Assessing Sound Localization Skills in Cochlear Implant Patients with Unilateral and Asymmetric Neurosensory Hearing Loss. Ignacio Pla-Gil
  • Cochlear reimplantations Karolina Brinzikova
  • Early hearing rehabilitation with cochlear implantation after pneumococcal meningitis: a case report. Ladislav Kaliarik
  • Hearing and self-reported Hearing-Related Quality of Life in Danish Adult CI users: A two-year clinical follow-up study. Line Husted Baungaard
  • A Study of Event-Related Potentials during Monaural and Bilateral Hearing in Single Sided Deaf Cochlear Implant Users in quiet and in the presence of background noise. Marcus Voola
  • Pandemic’s effect on the performance of implanted patients. Maria Da Conceição Peixoto
  • The Impact of Cochlear Implantation on Physical Activity in Adults. Matthew Bush
  • Bilateral cochlear implants: Patient-reported benefits and barriers to implantation for children and adults. Nicholas Kroll
  • Sound localization and patients’ satisfaction in SSD-CI users. Philipp Schoerg
  • CI Services Matter. Sue Archbold
  • Masked speech perception with BCD, CROS, and CI use in adults with single-sided deafness – a prospective hearing device comparison using a unified testing framework. Thomas Wesarg


  • Individual treatment of patients with mixed hearing loss (MHL) – when to use which device. Andreas Radeloff
  • Safety and effectiveness of combining Stapedotomy and Vibroplasty. Joachim Schmutzhard
  • Speech perception and hearing effort using the new SAMBA 2 active middle ear implant audio processor. Torsten Rahne
  • Intraoperative ABR Monitoring Should Be The Standard Of Care in Vibrant Soundbridge Surgery. Udi Katzenell
  • Outcomes of Vibrant Sound Bridge: Speech Perception and Quality of Life. Marzouqi Salamah
  • Hearing rehabilitation and microbial shift after middle ear surgery with Vibrant Soundbridge in patients with chronic otitis media. Karl-Ludwig Bruchhage



  • Evaluation of a sound processor for an active transcutaneous system. Ann-Charlotte Persson
  • 12-years successful Bonebridge implantation: the old and the new generation. Astrid Magele
  • Surgical site comparison of two active implantable transcutaneous bone conduction hearing aid generations. Benjamin Loader
  • Audiological outcomes, and quality of life of the BAHA Attract system. Cristina Blebea
  • Adverse events of the new generation of active bone conduction hearing implants (BCI602 and OSI200): a MAUDE database analysis. Faris Brkic
  • Preliminary findings from a prospective longitudinal study on the bilateral bone conduction benefit for spatial hearing. Fatima Denanto
  • Service life for bone conduction implants – Defining expected service life of active bone conduction hearing implants based on fitting range and age-related sensorineural hearing loss. Fredrik Breitholtz
  • Bone Conduction Implants, Brief Overview & Our Experience. Jiri Skrivan
  • Accumulated experience with the active transcutaneous bone conduction device for more than ten years. Luis Lassaletta
  • Decoding the Differences: Auditory and Speech Results of Passive vs Active Transcutaneous Bone Anchored Hearing Systems. Mohammed Garrada
  • Treacher Collins syndrome : About a case and literature reviews. Mohammed Sahraoui
  • Goldenhar syndrome : About a case and literature reviews. Mohammed Sahraoui
  • User reported performance and satisfaction with Oticon Medical’s Ponto sound processors – real-word experience data from the IOI-HA questionnaire. Nicole Amichetti
  • The Oticon Ponto System in Adults With Severe-to-Profound and Mixed Hearing Loss: Audiologic Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction. Piotr Henryk Skarzynski
  • Sentio the new transcutaneous bone conduction hearing implant from Oticon Medical: The UK surgical experience and clinical results. Rupan Banga


  • The Magical Ear. Annabelle Fischer
  • The Effectiveness of Auditory-Verbal Approach on Perceptive and Expressive Language Skills of Hearing Impaired Children with Cochlear Implant. Hamid Tayarani Niknezhad
  • New speech therapy intervention approaches for children with cochlear implants and associated pathologies. Helena Arroyo Moratilla
  • Telepractice in auditory habilitation post cochlear implantation: children with single sided deafness. Joao Eloi Maura
  • Current methodology of electrically evoked stapedius reflex measurements for fitting of cochlear implants. Maria Magdalena Mair
  • Listening Effort assessment in school-age cochlear implanted cases. Mohammad Hossein Nilforoush
  • Comparison of cognitive functions between hearing aids wearers and cochlear implant users: preliminary results after one year of hearing rehabilitation. Valentina Ippolito


  • Using a Bone Conduction Hearing Device as a Tactile Aid. Kompis Martin


  • Relationship between electrically evoked stapedius reflex threshold (ESRT) and stimulus burst duration in a group of children using cochlear implants – preliminary data. Adam Walkowiak
  • OTOPLAN application in clinical routine: Intertester reliability of post-op cochlear parameters in DVT images. Adrian Piec
  • Aspects inherent to the recovery function of the auditory nerve on the speech processing in noise in patients with cochlear implants. Gislaine Wiemes
  • Intraoperative electrocochleography for hearing preservation monitoring. Jorge Guillermo Cabrera Ortiz
  • Multifrequency Intraoperative ECochG Monitoring and Surgical Hearing Preservation Considerations. Piotr Skarzynski
  • Speech Processing in Normal Hearing Listeners and Cochlear Implant Users. Stefan Weder
  • SmartNav – A new technology to support Cochlear Implantation. Roland Nagy
  • Extracting more information from the electrode contact impedances. Patrick Boyle


  • Assessing the benefit of fox intelligence cochlear implant programming compared to manual programming in adults with cochlear implants: a systematic review and comprehensive analysis.  Faisal Zawawi
  • SmartNav: benefits of a new intrasurgical support tool for CI. Francisco José Osterne
  • MARS Sequences: Reducing artifact from active transcutaneous bone conduction devices. JAVIER GAVILAN
  • User Experiences with a Digital Hearing Training Program for Cochlear Implant Patients. Maika Werminghaus
  • Novel CAEP recording method using single-electrode stimulation: feasibility assessment and results. Pastore Vincenzo
  • Effect of binaural spatial enhancement on sound perception in bimodal cochlear implant users. Raphael Koning


  • Tonotopic Frequency Perception in Cochlear Implant Patients with Single-Sided Deafness based on Pitch Matching Results. Andreas Buechner
  • Electrical Impedance and Comfort Threshold Dynamics: Unraveling Patterns in Cochlear Implant Patients Over 5 Years. Ignacio Pla-Gil
  • Study of telemetry changes over time in children with a cochlear implant. Samir Assal
  • CI Fitting Parameters in Different Situations. Tarek ElDessouky

O. Vestibular system

  • Hunting for cochleo-vestibular damage in a complicated case of Ramsay Hunt: a case report. Federica Simoni
  • Auditory performance with a vestibulo-cochlear implant. Joke Debruyne
  • Vestibular assessment in children with sensorineural hearing loss: diagnostic accuracy and proposal for a diagnostic algorithm. Josine Widdershoven
  • Predictive values of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR), platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR), and other prognostic factors in pediatric vestibular neuritis patients. Ju Hyoung Lee


  • CSF gusher in cochlear implantation; our experience with 28 cases. Ali Eftekharian
  • Study of surgical outcomes with OTOPLAN. Ana Cristina Hiromi Hoshino
  • A study on the cochlear nerve size in adult patients with post-lingual ANSD: Basis for electrode choice for cochlear implantation. Kyuha Shin