Chairman: Saleh Mohebbi

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Beneficial collaboration between Audiology and Rehabilitation: how to promote it? SARA CAVICCHIOLO
  • Auditory cortical processing and language development in pediatric hearing aid and cochlear implant users with additional disabilities SATU LAMMINMÄKI
  • Joint Attention in Parent-Child Interactions for Toddlers with Cochlear Implants YOUNGMEE LEE


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Chairman: Justo Gómez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Absent of important land marks during cochlear implant KHALID BADR
  • Preoperative Cerebral MRI Abnormalities in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Recipients: How common and how important are they? MAGUED MASHALY
  • Effect of early activation of cochlear implant on electrode impedance in pediatric population YASSIN ABDELSAMAD
  • Cochlear Electrode Array Tip Fold-Over In Incomplete Partition-I YAZEED ALSHAWI

Chairman: Nicola Quaranta

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Evaluating intracochlear new tissue formation following cochlear implantation using ultra high-resolution CT and Transimpedance Matrix. WENDY HUINCK
  • Residual Hearing and ECAP-thresholds in Cochlear Implant Recipients TIM LIEBSCHER
  • Hearing Preservation Outcomes using a Pre-Surgical Planning Tool and Robotic Electrode Insertion CAMILE C. DUNN

Chairman: Faustino Núñez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Cochlear Implantation Effects in Unilateral and Asymmetric Hearing Loss: A Prospective Study JUAN CARLOS MARRERO PÉREZ
  • Revision Cochlear Implantation with Device Manufacturer Conversion – Surgical and Speech Perception Ooutcomes - YIFAT YAAR SOFFER 
  • Dilemmas and cHALLenges in revision cochlear implantation involving device manufacturer conversion: A unique case report. - YISGAV SHAPIRA
  • Temporal interactions in electric hearing captured by reaction times. IGNACIO CALDERÓN DE PALMA

Chairman: Silvia Borkoski

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Performance with a new bone conduction implant audio processor in patients with single-sided deafness KOMPIS MARTIN
  • Development of a Novel Active Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant System - first Clinical Experience and Results from a Multi-center Study EMMANUEL MYLANUS
  • Minimally invasive subperiosteal pocket technique for Osia 2 system- implantation without fixation ZSOFIA BERE
  • Exploring Osia's auditory outcome and surgical benefits of posterior placement of BCI300 in children with Microtia FAISAL ZAWAWI
  • Evaluation of surgery and one-year audiological and quality of life results of an active bone conduction hearing implant Osia® 2 WOJCIECH GAWĘCKI
  • From Percutaneous to Transcutaneous: Hearing Outcomes and Quality of Life in transitions between Bone Conduction Implant. LEONARDO ELIAS ORDOÑEZ-ORDOÑEZ
  • Experience with the use of local anesthesia in Bonebridge surgery in Rovereto GIUSEPPE NICOLÒ FRAU 

Chairman: Constantino Morera

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Structure preservation and noise exposure in robotic CI surgery JAOUAD ABARI
  • Fast acclimatization to baseline stimulation and modulation with a multichannel vestibulocochlear implant (VCI) BERND VERMORKEN

Chairman: Carlos de Paula

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Output performance of the novel active transcutaneous bone conduction implant Sentio HANNES MAIER
  • Active transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant: Benefit in adults IÑIGO RUIZ DE ERENCHUN
  • Evaluation of hearing performance in users of bilateral osia® bone conduction device JORGE GUILLERMO CABRERA ORTIZ
  • Surgical, audiometric and patient satisfaction outcomes of active osseointegrated bone-conduction hearing device (Cochlear Osia 2 system) placement from a tertiary paediatric centre MONA MOZAFFARI
  • Surgical Outcomes of Modified Technique for Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Hearing Aid Implantation KAYLA HICKS

Chairman: Héctor Ruíz

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • A new stapedius-reflex-fitting-method for cochlear implant users RUDOLFS LIEPINS
  • Cochlear implant: A new objective-based method for measuring the cochlear duct length RABEA ALSABILAH
  • Objective measurements of Cochlear implant electrodes repositioning ROLAND NAGY
  • Continuous intracochlear ECochG measurement to preserve residual hearing in CI surgeries SABINE HAUMANN

Chairman: Jaime Marco

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Development of living guidelines for cochlear implantation in adults LEO DE RAEVE
  • Vowel recognition in noise: A comparison of children with cochlear implants and their peers with typical hearing MARCEL SCHLECHTWEG
  • Computational simulation and optimization of multipolar stimulation in cochlear implants MARCOS JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ GIL
  • Cochlear Implant Candidacy Based on Unilateral and Binaural Evaluation ULRICH HOPPE

Chairman: Angelica Pérez Fornos

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Late skin flap breakdown in cochlear implantation MIHAEL RIES
  • The Prevalence of Central Auditory Processing Disorder in Elementary School Students of Kerman MARYAM AMIZADEH
  • Diagnostics for smart and connected hearing implant care JOERG PESCH
  • Incidence and severity of Otitis media in patients with cochlear implant versus a control group, role of polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine and mastoidectomy WALEED FARAG EZZAT

Chairman: Carlos Cenjor

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The Effects of Vestibular Rehabilitation on Balance Function in Cochlear Implant Recipients ARASH BAYAT
  • Vestibular function in cochlear implant recipients BOJANA BUKUROV
  • Vestibular function in a cohort of children with congenital CMV infection GIOVANNI FREDA
  • Vestibular Evaluation with Video head impulse test (vHIT) in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Patients TERESA PEREZ
  • Aetiology of cochlear and peripheral vestibular (CpV) hypofunction in children receiving cochlear implants. KAUKAB RAJPUT
  • Is intracochlear trauma, cochleostomy and electrode array design influencing postoperative speech perception, tinnitus and vertigo? A prospective study MANUEL CHRISTOPH KETTERER


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  • Long-term in vivo pharmacokinetics of dexamethasone-loaded electrode carrier dummies with different types of loading. Arne Liebau
  • Biodegradable Inner Ear Implants for the Controlled Release of Glucocorticoids in Combination with Cochlear Implants. Eric Lehner
  • Cochlear Implantation: Small Cochlear Diameter May Indicate Degree of Abnormality. Fahad Altamimi


  • Perilymph profile as a novel diagnostic tool. Athanasia Warnecke
  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Auditory Outcomes in Pediatric Acute Bacterial Meningitis: Implications for Steroid Use and Cochlear Implantation. Faisal Zawawi
  • Two rare cases of unilateral multifocal cochleovestibular schwannoma – genetic analysis and management by surgical resection and cochlear implantation. Jonas Scheffler
  • Radiological assessment of Algerian children with congenital sensorineural hearing loss. Karim Messaoudi
  • Kid Syndrome: a case report. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear implantation in auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders. Maria Isabel Kós


  • Outcomes of cochlear implantation in patients with Down syndrome. Adrien Gendre
  • Cochlear implantation in children. Single center experience. Almat Bekpan
  • Usage of “dummy” electrode in meningitis induced singe sided hearing loss. Dimitrios Paouris
  • Bilateral Anterior Displaced Sigmoid Sinus in Cochlear Implantation: A Proposed Solution. Ihab Sefein
  • Complications of cochlear implantation in Department of ENT MF CU and NICD Bratislava, Slovakia. Irina Goljerová
  • Feasibility of Early Device Activation in Cochlear Implant Recipients with Prelingual Deafness. Jianjun Sun
  • Difficulties in cochlear implant surgery. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear implantation in children with X-linked deafness : a case report. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear explantation: why we do it?. Karim Messaoudi
  • Modified extended endaural incision: safe minimal approach for cochlear implantation. Lobna El Fiky


  • Spatial release of masking in congenitally deaf children after sequential bilateral cochlear implantation. Anita Obrycka
  • Cochlear Implantation in Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Audit of Listening Outcomes and Device Use in a Cohort of 44 Children. Cristina Simoes-Franklin
  • Surgical-Audiological Urgency: Sensorineural  hearinf loss after meningitis. Enrique Guillén Lozada
  • Cochlear implantation in children: the earlier, the better. Graca Cristina Cardoso Oliveira
  • Predicting Hearing Potential: Does Data logging predict spoken language outcomes?. Hannah Ager
  • Assessing post cochlear implant anexiety and corelating it to socio demographic and clinical characteristics. Ihab Nada
  • Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties Should we be offering cochlear implants?. Jennifer Robertson
  • Predicting Hearing Potential: Are our children achieving full-time use of their hearing technology?. Justine Maggs
  • Epidemiological aspects of cochlear implantation In Ouargla (Algeria): A monocentric retrospective study. Karim Messaoudi
  • ‘Slow No’ and ‘Careful Yes’: Development of a predicted outcome scale to inform complex decision making. Kate Hanvey
  • Early access to language matters: Theory of mind in school-aged children with cochlear implants. Kristina Burum
  • Evaluating the relation between mothers’ level of depression and their cochlear implanted children’s social performance. Leila Monshizadeh
  • An online music program for supporting language and communication development in toddlers with cochlear implants (CIs): preliminary results on toddlers’ vocabulary and gestures. Letizia Guerzoni
  • Musical perception in cochlear implant users. Relationship with singing voice. Luis Lassaletta
  • Indications outcomes clinical predictors. Mohamed Alshehabi
  • Cochlear implantation: Experience of the ENT service – Tlemcen University Hospital Center. About 363 cases. Sahraoui Mohammed
  • Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders and cochlear implantation in children. Zdenka Aksenovová
  • Cochlear implant in syndromic inner ear outcome. Saeed Abdullah M Alghamdi


  • Feasibility of Cochlear implantation in an irradiated temporal bone, case report and literature review. Bassam Alzuraiqi
  • Vascular variations in cochlear implant surgery. Carmen Hernandez Torres
  • Otoplan, Cochlear implant and Far-advanced otosclerosis: could the use software improve the Surgical final indication?. Francesca Gioeli
  • Pre-clinical testing and initial results in a clinical study to access the stapedius muscle via a novel retrofacial approach. Gerd Fabian Volk
  • 3D modeling based on segmented Dyna-CT images helps to access the human stapedius muscle. Gerd Fabian Volk
  • Assessing the Significance of Non-Ideally Inserted Perimodiolar Slim Electrodes: Perception and Management Strategies. Jean-Marc Gerard
  • Security tips for the cochlear implant surgery. Luis Durán Pérez
  • Simultaneous bilateral implantation in post-bacterial Meningitis. Manuela Del Carmen Zapata
  • Cochlear implantation in a patient with Paget’s disease. Wolfram Pethe


  • Contribution of surgical planning software to determine the frequency table assignment based in the anatomy. Ana Cristina Hiromi Hoshino
  • Outcomes of cochlear Implantation in NF2 Patients. Chai Yongchuan
  • Diminishing handicap level, Enhancing Emotional, Social Well-being, and Functional Hearing with Cochlear Implants in Single-Sided Deafness. Dayse Tavora-Vieira
  • Effects of wind noise reduction on speech perception with the MED-EL Sonnet cochlear implant audio processor. Guido Reetz
  • Assessing Sound Localization Skills in Cochlear Implant Patients with Unilateral and Asymmetric Neurosensory Hearing Loss. Ignacio Pla-Gil
  • Cochlear reimplantations Karolina Brinzikova
  • Early hearing rehabilitation with cochlear implantation after pneumococcal meningitis: a case report. Ladislav Kaliarik
  • Hearing and self-reported Hearing-Related Quality of Life in Danish Adult CI users: A two-year clinical follow-up study. Line Husted Baungaard
  • A Study of Event-Related Potentials during Monaural and Bilateral Hearing in Single Sided Deaf Cochlear Implant Users in quiet and in the presence of background noise. Marcus Voola
  • Pandemic’s effect on the performance of implanted patients. Maria Da Conceição Peixoto
  • The Impact of Cochlear Implantation on Physical Activity in Adults. Matthew Bush
  • Bilateral cochlear implants: Patient-reported benefits and barriers to implantation for children and adults. Nicholas Kroll
  • Sound localization and patients’ satisfaction in SSD-CI users. Philipp Schoerg
  • CI Services Matter. Sue Archbold
  • Masked speech perception with BCD, CROS, and CI use in adults with single-sided deafness – a prospective hearing device comparison using a unified testing framework. Thomas Wesarg


  • Individual treatment of patients with mixed hearing loss (MHL) – when to use which device. Andreas Radeloff
  • Safety and effectiveness of combining Stapedotomy and Vibroplasty. Joachim Schmutzhard
  • Speech perception and hearing effort using the new SAMBA 2 active middle ear implant audio processor. Torsten Rahne
  • Intraoperative ABR Monitoring Should Be The Standard Of Care in Vibrant Soundbridge Surgery. Udi Katzenell
  • Outcomes of Vibrant Sound Bridge: Speech Perception and Quality of Life. Marzouqi Salamah
  • Hearing rehabilitation and microbial shift after middle ear surgery with Vibrant Soundbridge in patients with chronic otitis media. Karl-Ludwig Bruchhage



  • Evaluation of a sound processor for an active transcutaneous system. Ann-Charlotte Persson
  • 12-years successful Bonebridge implantation: the old and the new generation. Astrid Magele
  • Surgical site comparison of two active implantable transcutaneous bone conduction hearing aid generations. Benjamin Loader
  • Audiological outcomes, and quality of life of the BAHA Attract system. Cristina Blebea
  • Adverse events of the new generation of active bone conduction hearing implants (BCI602 and OSI200): a MAUDE database analysis. Faris Brkic
  • Preliminary findings from a prospective longitudinal study on the bilateral bone conduction benefit for spatial hearing. Fatima Denanto
  • Service life for bone conduction implants – Defining expected service life of active bone conduction hearing implants based on fitting range and age-related sensorineural hearing loss. Fredrik Breitholtz
  • Bone Conduction Implants, Brief Overview & Our Experience. Jiri Skrivan
  • Accumulated experience with the active transcutaneous bone conduction device for more than ten years. Luis Lassaletta
  • Decoding the Differences: Auditory and Speech Results of Passive vs Active Transcutaneous Bone Anchored Hearing Systems. Mohammed Garrada
  • Treacher Collins syndrome : About a case and literature reviews. Mohammed Sahraoui
  • Goldenhar syndrome : About a case and literature reviews. Mohammed Sahraoui
  • User reported performance and satisfaction with Oticon Medical’s Ponto sound processors – real-word experience data from the IOI-HA questionnaire. Nicole Amichetti
  • The Oticon Ponto System in Adults With Severe-to-Profound and Mixed Hearing Loss: Audiologic Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction. Piotr Henryk Skarzynski
  • Sentio the new transcutaneous bone conduction hearing implant from Oticon Medical: The UK surgical experience and clinical results. Rupan Banga


  • The Magical Ear. Annabelle Fischer
  • The Effectiveness of Auditory-Verbal Approach on Perceptive and Expressive Language Skills of Hearing Impaired Children with Cochlear Implant. Hamid Tayarani Niknezhad
  • New speech therapy intervention approaches for children with cochlear implants and associated pathologies. Helena Arroyo Moratilla
  • Telepractice in auditory habilitation post cochlear implantation: children with single sided deafness. Joao Eloi Maura
  • Current methodology of electrically evoked stapedius reflex measurements for fitting of cochlear implants. Maria Magdalena Mair
  • Listening Effort assessment in school-age cochlear implanted cases. Mohammad Hossein Nilforoush
  • Comparison of cognitive functions between hearing aids wearers and cochlear implant users: preliminary results after one year of hearing rehabilitation. Valentina Ippolito


  • Using a Bone Conduction Hearing Device as a Tactile Aid. Kompis Martin


  • Relationship between electrically evoked stapedius reflex threshold (ESRT) and stimulus burst duration in a group of children using cochlear implants – preliminary data. Adam Walkowiak
  • OTOPLAN application in clinical routine: Intertester reliability of post-op cochlear parameters in DVT images. Adrian Piec
  • Aspects inherent to the recovery function of the auditory nerve on the speech processing in noise in patients with cochlear implants. Gislaine Wiemes
  • Intraoperative electrocochleography for hearing preservation monitoring. Jorge Guillermo Cabrera Ortiz
  • Multifrequency Intraoperative ECochG Monitoring and Surgical Hearing Preservation Considerations. Piotr Skarzynski
  • Speech Processing in Normal Hearing Listeners and Cochlear Implant Users. Stefan Weder
  • SmartNav – A new technology to support Cochlear Implantation. Roland Nagy
  • Extracting more information from the electrode contact impedances. Patrick Boyle


  • Assessing the benefit of fox intelligence cochlear implant programming compared to manual programming in adults with cochlear implants: a systematic review and comprehensive analysis.  Faisal Zawawi
  • SmartNav: benefits of a new intrasurgical support tool for CI. Francisco José Osterne
  • MARS Sequences: Reducing artifact from active transcutaneous bone conduction devices. JAVIER GAVILAN
  • User Experiences with a Digital Hearing Training Program for Cochlear Implant Patients. Maika Werminghaus
  • Novel CAEP recording method using single-electrode stimulation: feasibility assessment and results. Pastore Vincenzo
  • Effect of binaural spatial enhancement on sound perception in bimodal cochlear implant users. Raphael Koning


  • Tonotopic Frequency Perception in Cochlear Implant Patients with Single-Sided Deafness based on Pitch Matching Results. Andreas Buechner
  • Electrical Impedance and Comfort Threshold Dynamics: Unraveling Patterns in Cochlear Implant Patients Over 5 Years. Ignacio Pla-Gil
  • Study of telemetry changes over time in children with a cochlear implant. Samir Assal
  • CI Fitting Parameters in Different Situations. Tarek ElDessouky

O. Vestibular system

  • Hunting for cochleo-vestibular damage in a complicated case of Ramsay Hunt: a case report. Federica Simoni
  • Auditory performance with a vestibulo-cochlear implant. Joke Debruyne
  • Vestibular assessment in children with sensorineural hearing loss: diagnostic accuracy and proposal for a diagnostic algorithm. Josine Widdershoven
  • Predictive values of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR), platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR), and other prognostic factors in pediatric vestibular neuritis patients. Ju Hyoung Lee


  • CSF gusher in cochlear implantation; our experience with 28 cases. Ali Eftekharian
  • Study of surgical outcomes with OTOPLAN. Ana Cristina Hiromi Hoshino
  • A study on the cochlear nerve size in adult patients with post-lingual ANSD: Basis for electrode choice for cochlear implantation. Kyuha Shin