Chairman: Janaina Patricio de Lima

Communication Titles and speakers:

  •  Monitoring of Daily Impedance Fluctuations in experienced CI users JOERG PESCH
  • Cochlea nerve monitoring in VN surgery in respect to tumor stage and approach JOERG SCHIPPER
  • Optimization of loudness perception during the measurement of electrically evoked compound action potential amplitude growth functions LUTZ GAERTNER

Chairman: Levent Olgun

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Superior sound localization abilities with bilateral active middle ear implants for patients with bilateral conductive hearing loss MARTIJN AGTERBERG
  • Implant Ear Reconstruction & Vibrant Sound Bridge Implantation with Intra-Operative Audiological Measurement : new approach TAWFIQ KHURAYZI
  • Long-term results of the Vibrant Soundbridge coupled to the Round Window THOMAS MAYR

More Information Available soon


Chairman: Eulalia Juan Pastor

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The effect of the electrode position on the functional outcome of cochlear implantation: a multicentric comparative study LOBNA EL FIKY
  • Long term effects of early age at cochlear implantation on metaphor comprehension in Swedish adolescents and young adults MALIN DAHLBY SKOOG
  • Correlation of Quality Of Life with Speech and Hearing Performance After Cochlear Implantation MASHAEL ALHARBI
  • Post-lingually single-side deafness. Cochlear implants results comparing children between adults. SUSANA BENÍTEZ ROBAINA
  • Looking for a biomarker of neuroplasticity in congenital deafness treatment by cochlear implantation – is plasma level of MMP-9 a one? MONIKA MATUSIAK
  • Cochlear implant in pediatric with inner ear malformation; intra-operative surgical & audiological findings - LAILA TELMESANI 

Chairman: Dan Jiang

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Cochlear nerve deficiency: CI or ABI HAO WU
  • Auditory Brainstem implants outcome, are they comparable to cochlear implantation? The Egiptian Experience. HESHAM TAHA
  • Two multiplex families of severe inner ear malformations and their results of auditory brainstem implantation ZHILI WANG
  • New programming approaches for ABI: old ideas rethought ANJA KURZ

Chairman: Daniel Pérez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Detection of inner ear malformations based on transimpedance matrix measurement in a group of pediatric patients MARCIN TALAR
  • Using cortical auditory evoked potentials in middle ear and bone conduction implant users: An objective method to optimise the fitting. MARCUS VOOLA
  • Cochlear implantation: Predicting the scala tympani volume of the pediatric recipients MARZOUQI SALAMAH
  • Time course of ECAP slope and loudness perception at different IPG values: A prospective study in 8 patients MAX BLÜMER
  • Matrix test in pediatric cochlear implant fitting: single-institution experience NADER NASSIF
  • Tomographic comparison of cochlea, oval window, round window and facial nerve between adults and children and it's influence on cochlear implant surgery-ROGERIO HAMERSCHMIDT

Chairman: Sebastiano Picciafuoco

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The Costs of Unaddressed Hearing Loss in Chilean Children with Bilateral Microtia and External Auditory Canal Atresia and Cost Effectiveness of Different Treatment Interventions CAROLINA DER
  • Financial and environmental impact modelling of cochlear implant surgery under general versus local anaesthesia EMMA STAPLETON
  • Cost-benefit Analysis of Cochlear Implants: A Societal Perspective JOHAN H.M. FRIJNS
  • A Systematic Review and Distributional Cost‐Effectiveness Analysis of Hearing Health Care in Chile – Equity Concerns and Trade Offs for Bone Conduction Implants MICHAEL URBAN
  • From Concept to Reality- The pathway of initiating and sustaining the Cochlear Implant Programme in Kenya MUJAHID DIN
  • Update on cochlear implant candidacy criteria - JAVIER GAVILÁN 

Chairman: Constantino Morera

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Pupillometry in cochleovestibular implantees doing balance tasks JOYCE TANG
  • First experiences with the mCLIP ARC Partial Prothesis LAVA TAHA
  • RemoteCheck for Cochlear Implant aftercare in adults’ patients LEYRE ANDRÉS USTÁRROZ
  • A multimodal database and artificial-intelligence pipeline to analyze and predict cognitive impairment in age-related hearing loss MARÍA AMPARO CALLEJÓN
  • Remote Check as a new Tele-health instrument for cochlear implant recipients: analysis of impact and feasibility of application. FLAVIA SORRENTINO

Chairman: David Greiner

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Cost-effectiveness of Remote Check in CI cases MOHAMMAD AL BAQEYAH
  • Intraoperative testing during Cochlear implant Surgery – the utility of the Nucleus SmartNav system PETER MONKSFIELD
  • Deep neural network based singlechannel noise reduction can improve sound perception in cochlear implant users RAPHAEL KONING
  • Speech performance and acceptance of the latest noise reduction ForwardFocus technology (SCAN 2 FF) that allows automated noise reduction in an investigational off-the-ear sound processor: a 6-month analysis. EMJAY MASHAL
  • The impact of the automated ForwardFocus spatial noise reduction feature in the Cochlear™ Nucleus 8® Sound Processor ESTI NEL

Chairman: Javier Santos

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Programming and electrophysiological measurements with cochlear implants in patients after removal of intracochlear schwannomas LUISE WAGNER
  • Protocol of a randomised control trial to assess remote care vs. in-clinic care for the management of cochlear implant recipients in the first 12 months post activation NICOLA QUARANTA
  • Unveiling Variability in Cochlear Implant Fitting Levels: A Comprehensive Analysis Across Multiple Clinics BAS VAN DIJK
  • Neural response telemetry threshold fitting during surgery: Efficacy in postlingual adult cochlear implant patients -EMEL TAHIR

Chairman: Caglar Batman

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Validation of a newly developed SPL Chirp for intracochlear ECochG measurement ADAM WALKOWIAK
  • Auditory nerve test system (ANTS) in patients with auditory nerve hypoplasia: Alexandria Experience AHMED MEHANNA
  • Differences in current spread between bilateral cochlear implants impact the bilateral electrode-nerve interface in children CARINA J. SABOURIN
  • Evidence and consequence of interrupted cochlear mechanics after implantation. CHRISTO BESTER
  • Ensuring Auditory Cortex Activation: optimisation of a cochlear implant and its outcomes DAYSE TAVORA-VIEIRA
  • Evaluation of different visualization methods with a new intraoperative electrocochleography measuring tool THEDA EICHLER

Chairman: Paz Martínez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Exploring Correlations Between Transtympanic Promontory Stimulation Test Results, Cochlear Implant Electrical Dynamics and Speech Perception in Individuals with Auditory Deprivation GIORGIO LILLI
  • Cognitive improvement after cochlear implantation in older adults with severe or profound hearing impairment: a prospective, longitudinal, controlled, multicenter study GRIET MERTENS
  • Speech perception with ECAP-based fitting and with conventional fitting in adult users of MED-EL cochlear implants GUIDO REETZ
  • Contribution of spectral cues to sound localization in single-sided deafness HILLARY SNAPP
  • Post-operative Patient Perception of Decisional Regret in Cochlear Implant Recipients SANDRA PRENTISS
  • Binaural effects and localization ability in cochlear implant users with Single-Sided Deafness and residual hearing in the implanted ear. ARTUR LORENS

Chairman: Marta Álvarez de Linera

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Batched local anaesthetic percutaneous bone-anchored hearing implantations – the Birmingham Experience RUPAN BANGA
  • Objective measurement of audibility for patients with bone conduction devices using a new skin microphone ANN-CHARLOTTE PERSSON
  • OSIA 2 – surgical and audiological results PETRA KALITOVÁ
    Implantation of Two Generations of Bonebridge After Mastoid Obliteration PIOTR HENRYK SKARZYNSKI
  • Benefit in speech understanding in noise with the Ponto 5 SuperPower and OpenSound Navigator in BCD users THOMAS WESARG 
  • A Novel Active Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant System – preliminary audiological results EMMANUEL MYLANUS
  • Active Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant: Benefits in Children - MIGUEL SARO-BUENDÍA 
  • Outcomes and experience of a one-step drill system (MONO) for bone anchored hearing procedures – results from a 12-month multicentre study of 51 patients - RUPAN BANGA

More Information Available soon


Chairman: Raquel Manrique

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The cochlear implant challenge in children with multiple disabilities over the past 10 years VALERIA CARAGLI
  • Hearing rehabilitation in patients with inner ear schwannomas – a single center experience from 78 patients STEFAN PLONTKE
  • The progress rate of hearing rehabilitation as a function of the cochlear nerve diameter in cochlear implant users TAMÁS TÓTH
  • Influence of age, ForwardFocus, and number of maxima on speech recognition in noise in cochlear implant users TELSE WAGNER
  • Effect of microphone directionality setting on sound localization in noise in bilateral and single-sided deaf cochlear implant users THOMAS WESARG
  • Quality of Life in Elderly Cochlear Implant Recipients: Addressing the Growing Population of Individuals Over 75 Years Old AINA MUNTANER VIVES

Chairman: Victor Correia da Silva

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Correlation between the cochlea's anatomical dimensions and electrode array measurements as an early prognostic factor of cochlear implant performance in children. DIMITRIOS PAOURIS
  • Development of a sensitive stapedius reflex measurement based on electromyographic signal – A sheep model DIRK ARNOLD
  • Cochlear implantation in vestibular schwannoma surgery: diagnostic accuracy analysis of intraoperative monitoring with intracochlear electrode ELISABETTA ZANOLETTI
  • Electrode Evolution and safety of activating cochlear implants at day 7 compared to day 28 in children, a randomized study FAISAL ZAWAWI
  • eSRTs in Cochlear Implant Programming: How to Use Them and Why They Are Important GHADA BINKHAMIS
  • Using objective measurements to guide electrode placement and fitting in paediatric ABI recipients: the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) experience GRIET MERTENS

Chairman: Michal Luntz

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Realistic Efficacy Of Two Signal Improving Technologies For Unilateral Recipients Of AB Naida CI Q90 Sound Processor FRANÇOIS BERGERON
  • Digital speech therapy rehabilitation, ReDi App, for patients with cochlear implants ADELA CORDERO
  • Individualized, app-based phoneme training for adult CI users NIKKI PHILPOTT
  • Meludia – an auditory music training program TERESA SOPHIA SCHNEIDER

Chairman: María Luisa Monteiro

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Pediatric auditory brainstem implant in a series of 112 cases-surgical results and speech development HAO WU
  • Auditory brainstem implantation: our twelve years’ experience with 43 cases ALI EFTEKHARIAN
  • The impact of ASM 3.0 on speech perception in ABI users ANJA KURZ
  • Long term outcomes and its relationship with objective measures in children with Auditory brainstem implant RANJITH RAJESWARAN
  • Cortical plasticity after auditory brainstem implant in congenital hearing loss HAO WU

Chairman: David Greiner

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Vestibular Implant Stimulation using Pulse Amplitude Modulation versus Pulse Rate and Amplitude Modulation STAN VAN BOXEL
  • Enhancing Cochlear Implant Electrode Insertion: A Quantitative In-Vitro Assessment of a Novel Robot-Assisted System STEFAN WEDER
  • A randomised, controlled, multicentre trial of the efficacy and safety of a dexamethasone eluting slim modiolar electrode (CI632D) in a newly implanted adult population with bilateral moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss: a 6-month co-primary endpoint analysis STEPHEN O'LEARY
  • Safety and Efficacy of Therapeutic Hypothermia for Residual Hearing Preservation SUHRUD RAJGURU
  • Fully Robotic Cochlear implant surgery VEDAT TOPSAKAL
  • Flex 34: surgical experience and short-term audiological benefit with the longest available electrode array THOMAS KEINTZEL

Chairman: Alfonso Bonilla

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Our experience in measurements with SmartNav System VIGEN BAKHSHINYAN
  • Robot-assisted electrode array insertion VITTORIA SYKOPETRITES
  • Towards Extracochlear Electric-Acoustic Stimulation of the Auditory System WALDO NOGUEIRA
  • Experience in robotic cochlear implantation WOLF-DIETER BAUMGARTNER
  • Single-AAV packaged RNA base editor cures hearing loss induced by OTOF gene mutation YONG TAO

Chairman: Valeria Oyanguren

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Early activation after cochlear implantation: a systematic review AFRAH ALSHALAN
  • App-based self-assessment in clinical practice RAPHAEL KONING
  • Anomalous pattern of trans-impedance matrix in partial short circuits with a sawtooth impedance DAVIDE COCOZZA
  • Anatomy-based fitting in unexperienced cochlear implant users EMILIE HEUNINCK
  • Rehabilitation or fitting – the way to improve the outcomes ZUZANNA LUKASZEWICZ-MOSZYNSKA

Chairman: Daniel Orfila

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • BAHA vs conventional hearing aids: which is the best? MICHAEL DALÈ
  • Three-Dimensional Computer-Assisted Planning for the Simultaneous Placement of Bone Conduction Implant plus Epiplating Systems for Auricular Epithesis: A Functional and Aesthetic Approach for Congenital Aural Atresia MIGUEL SARO-BUENDÍA
  • Bonebridge bone conduction hearing implant: audiological benefit and quality of hearing in children MILAN URÍK
  • Review of surgical and hearing performance follow-up of active transcutaneous electromagnetic bone conduction implant in a series of more than 100 implants and over 11 years JUAN MIRALLES CUADRADO
  • Initial Experiences with the Novel Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant Sentio NILS PRENZLER
  • Patient satisfaction with the Cochlear Osia Implant Unilateral vs Bilateral outcomes PETER MONKSFIELD

Chairman: Luis Lassaletta

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Individualized mapping of electric-acoustic stimulation for cochlear implant recipients MARGARET DILLON
  • Using the RemoteCheck for CI aftercare in Young children and adolescents MARIA M. SORIANO REIXACH
  • Multi-centre clinical study on remote programming in cochlear implant users MARTINA BRENDEL
  • Nucleus CI22 implants : what happened to it? MICHEL MONDAIN
  • Voice recognition based on the number of channels in perimodiolar electrode receivers JORGE ALMARIO
  • Anatomy-based fitting in experienced cochlear implant users: challenges and opportunities ANJA KURZ

Chairman: María José Lavilla

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Genetic polymorphisms of MMP9 and BDNF as a biomarkers of neuroplasticity in prelingual deafness treatment by cochlear implantation. MONIKA MATUSIAK
  • Cochlear Implantation Outcomes in Pediatrics with Inner Ear Malformations in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southwest Iran NADER SAKI
  • Early auditory development of cochlear implanted children with sensorineural hearing loss following congenital CMV infection PIOTR H. SKARZYNSKI
  • Young Adults with Cochlear Implants: Our Perspective QAIS KHAN
  • Outcomes of 1500 cochlear implants in the state of u.p. under govt. Program ROHIT MEHROTRA




More Information Available soon


Chairman: Alejo Suárez

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Beyond Insertion: Intracochlear Forces During Release and Fixation of the Electrode Array JAKOB CRAMER
  • Cochlear Implantation in Advanced Otosclerosis: Utility of Preoperative Radiological Assessment in Predicting Intraoperative Difficulty and Final Electrode Position JEAN-MARC GERARD
  • Use of S53P4 (Bonalive®) for Cochlear Implantation and VSB surgeries in chronic otitis media cases after CWD surgery JÖRG LANGER
  • Difficult cases in CI KHALID BADR
  • Assessing proper electrode array length with OTOPLAN: a retrospective case series MATTIA RAVERA
  • Using ultrasound imaging to measure skin flap thickness in cochlear implant surgery EMMA STAPLETON
  • Analysis of reoperation of cochlear implants in the department of otolaryngology pum in Szczecin, Poland MICHAŁ MIELNIK
  • Results of simultaneous cochlear implantation and translabyrinthine vestibular schwannoma resection ADELA CORDERO DEVESA
  • Cochlear Implantation in Bilateral Profound Deafness after Head Trauma - MAGUED MASHALY 

Chairman: Nuri Özgirgin

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Listening effort and fatigue among cochlear implant users: a scoping review CATO PHILIPS
  • High-frequency hearing performance with reference to musical perception in cochlear implantees CEREN KARAÇAYLI
  • Hearing related quality of life response shift due to primary treatment of severe to profound neurosensorial hearing loss with a cochlear implant IOANA BRILL
  • First results with a cochlear implant fitting method using post-operative electrode location data in newly implanted users DOMINIK RISS
  • “This instrument is not available in your country”: Using adaptation and validation to make a cochlear implant quality of life instrument available in other languages ELENA PUETZER
  • Is the advanced age an independent risk factor for chronic dizziness after cochlear implantation? FRANCESCO LAZZERINI
  • Patient Related Outcome Measures (PROMs) In Adult Cochlear Implant Patients GEORGIOS MANTOKOUDIS
  • Quality of life changes after cochlear implantation in unilateral hearing loss patients -FELICITOS SANTOS

Chairman: Juan Manuel García

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Assessment of Speech and Spatial Hearing Abilities in Realistic Sound Environments in Adults and Children MARTA ÁLVAREZ CENDRERO
  • Revision surgeries after cochlear implantation in our practice - GABOR POLONY 
  • CT-Based Mapping at Initial Activation: A Longitudinal Study of Music and Speech Perception MELANIE LUCILE GILBERT
  • Is there an optimal CI programming method for single sided deafness and asymmetric hearing loss? MEREDITH HOLCOMB
  • Variability in clinicians’ prediction accuracy for outcomes of adult cochlear implant users NIKKI PHILPOTT
  • Psycho-acoustic evaluation of apical electric stimulation PAUL VAN DE HEYNING
  • The influence of cochlear morphology, scalar position and electrode array design on speech perception, residual hearing and hearing preservation following CI surgery RAINER BECK
  • Visual and Auditory Implicit Learning in Adult Cochlear Implant Users: A Cross-Modal Contribution to Speech Recognition? RANIN KHAYR
  • Impact of Duration of Deafness on Cochlear Implant Outcome after Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss RASMUS SÖNNICHSEN

Chairman: Enrique Lopez-Poveda

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Speech Performance and Subjective Satisfaction of Middle Ear Implant in Congenital Aural Atresia FARID ALZHRANI
  • Output limited devices - The role of maximum output and necessary dynamic range HANNES MAIER
  • Bonebridge and Vibrant Soundbridge: the importance of having a choice in conductive and mixed hearing loss JAVIER GAVILAN
  • The influence of intraoperative auditory brainstem responses on the coupling quality of vibroplasty and analysis of the impact of the different fixation steps on the coupling. JOACHIM SCHMUTZHARD
  • The benefit of intra-operative coupling check in active middle ear implant surgeries LUIS LASSALETTA
  • Simultaneous bilateral implantation of cochlear implant and vibrant soundbridge SAAD ALENZI
  • Does a notch filter in sound preprocessing of active middle ear implants impact on speech perception? PHILIPP ZELGER

Chairman: Ángel Ramos de Miguel

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • The feasibility of the robotic arm 3D exoscope for cochlear implant surgery AARNO DIETZ
  • Patient-to-image Registration in Computer-Assisted Surgery of the Head and Neck Region : Insights and Challenges ALEXIS BOZORG GRAYELI
  • First experience in robot-assisted cochlear implant surgery ALICE AUINGER
  • Optimizing CI-performance in challenging listening conditions using Virtual-Reality based fitting ANDRÉ GOEDEGEBURE
  • Individualized cochlear implantation – first experience with a new 34 mm electrode for patients with very long cochleae JOACHIM MÜLLER
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity Results in Otolith Electrical Stimulation in Bilateral Vestibular Dysfunction ISAURA RODRÍGUEZ MONTESDEOCA
  • Translation of Nonclinical Outcomes to Human Clinical Trials in the Development of a Genetic Medicine for Otoferlin Gene-mediated Hearing Loss: AK-OTOF ANN E. HICKOX
  • The vestibulo-cochlear implant: patient perception and implications for fitting BENJAMIN VOLPE

Chairman: Alicia Huarte

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Determination risk factors for severe and profound hearing loss in child candidates for cochlear implantation in southeast of Iran during 2014-2020 JILA AFSHARMANESH
  • Measurement of spectro-temporal processing by cochlear implant users: effects of stimulus level and further validation of an online test DAKOTA BYSOUTH-YOUNG
  • Electrically Evoked Cortical Auditory Response via the Implant Electrode: an Objective Tool to Validate CI Map DAYSE TAVORA-VIEIRA
  • Auditory Listening Effort and Reaction Time: A Comparative Study between Single Sided Deaf Cochlear Implant Users and Normal Hearing Controls MARCUS VOOLA
  • In Vivo Basilar Membrane Time Delays in Humans MAREK POLAK
  • How to measure sound localization in a clinical setting? MARTIJN AGTERBERG
  • Efficacy of AC102 for the Preservation of Residual Hearing Following Cochlear Implantation CHRISTOPH ARNOLDNER
  • Hearing improvement in deaf children with installation of PRP in it beneficial - MOHAMMAD AJALLOUEYAN
  • Development of the Persian Version of Dichotic Offset Measure and Evaluation of Its Psychometric Properties in Normal-hearing Children: A Pilot Study JILA AFSHARMANESH

Chairman: Camille C. Dunn

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Genetic causes of single-sided deafness and unilateral hearing loss LUKAS VARGA
  • Electrically evoked auditory brainsteam responses in children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder MARIA LALAYANTS
  • Results of genetic examination of adult patients after cochlear implantation MICHAELA TESAŘOVÁ
  • Rare Case of Prader-Willi Syndrome with Concurrent Severe Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss MICHAIL ATHANASOPOULOS
  • Genetics of hearing loss in saudi arabia MUSAED ALZAHRANI 
  • Auditory Steady-State Response with CI - is it really evoked potential or artifact detection? GAZIZ TUFATULIN 

Chairman: Carlos Cenjor

Communication Titles and speakers:

  • Revision cochlear implantation: About 44 cases FARID BOUDJENAH
  • St George’s Auditory Implant Service – an audit of 17 years of paediatric cochlear implants. HESHAM KHALID
  • Various Approaches for Round Window Insertion; A systematic review ISRA ALJAZEERI
  • Insertion of different electrode types in a 3D model of a patient with incomplete partition type III malformation JANEZ REBOL
  • Feasibility of round window exploration in normal and abnormal anatomy for cochlear implant surgery – our experience SUBBARAYUDU YARLAGADDA
  • Acquired cholesteatoma after cochlear implant VITTORIA SYKOPETRITES
  • Advancing Cochlear Implant Programming: X-ray Guided Anatomy-Based Fitting. ASMA ALAMADI  


Please notice that this list includes only the uploaded ones. All posters will be displayed as e-posters.


  • Long-term in vivo pharmacokinetics of dexamethasone-loaded electrode carrier dummies with different types of loading. Arne Liebau
  • Biodegradable Inner Ear Implants for the Controlled Release of Glucocorticoids in Combination with Cochlear Implants. Eric Lehner
  • Cochlear Implantation: Small Cochlear Diameter May Indicate Degree of Abnormality. Fahad Altamimi


  • Perilymph profile as a novel diagnostic tool. Athanasia Warnecke
  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Auditory Outcomes in Pediatric Acute Bacterial Meningitis: Implications for Steroid Use and Cochlear Implantation. Faisal Zawawi
  • Two rare cases of unilateral multifocal cochleovestibular schwannoma – genetic analysis and management by surgical resection and cochlear implantation. Jonas Scheffler
  • Radiological assessment of Algerian children with congenital sensorineural hearing loss. Karim Messaoudi
  • Kid Syndrome: a case report. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear implantation in auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders. Maria Isabel Kós


  • Outcomes of cochlear implantation in patients with Down syndrome. Adrien Gendre
  • Cochlear implantation in children. Single center experience. Almat Bekpan
  • Usage of “dummy” electrode in meningitis induced singe sided hearing loss. Dimitrios Paouris
  • Bilateral Anterior Displaced Sigmoid Sinus in Cochlear Implantation: A Proposed Solution. Ihab Sefein
  • Complications of cochlear implantation in Department of ENT MF CU and NICD Bratislava, Slovakia. Irina Goljerová
  • Feasibility of Early Device Activation in Cochlear Implant Recipients with Prelingual Deafness. Jianjun Sun
  • Difficulties in cochlear implant surgery. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear implantation in children with X-linked deafness : a case report. Karim Messaoudi
  • Cochlear explantation: why we do it?. Karim Messaoudi
  • Modified extended endaural incision: safe minimal approach for cochlear implantation. Lobna El Fiky


  • Spatial release of masking in congenitally deaf children after sequential bilateral cochlear implantation. Anita Obrycka
  • Cochlear Implantation in Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Audit of Listening Outcomes and Device Use in a Cohort of 44 Children. Cristina Simoes-Franklin
  • Surgical-Audiological Urgency: Sensorineural  hearinf loss after meningitis. Enrique Guillén Lozada
  • Cochlear implantation in children: the earlier, the better. Graca Cristina Cardoso Oliveira
  • Predicting Hearing Potential: Does Data logging predict spoken language outcomes?. Hannah Ager
  • Assessing post cochlear implant anexiety and corelating it to socio demographic and clinical characteristics. Ihab Nada
  • Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties Should we be offering cochlear implants?. Jennifer Robertson
  • Predicting Hearing Potential: Are our children achieving full-time use of their hearing technology?. Justine Maggs
  • Epidemiological aspects of cochlear implantation In Ouargla (Algeria): A monocentric retrospective study. Karim Messaoudi
  • ‘Slow No’ and ‘Careful Yes’: Development of a predicted outcome scale to inform complex decision making. Kate Hanvey
  • Early access to language matters: Theory of mind in school-aged children with cochlear implants. Kristina Burum
  • Evaluating the relation between mothers’ level of depression and their cochlear implanted children’s social performance. Leila Monshizadeh
  • An online music program for supporting language and communication development in toddlers with cochlear implants (CIs): preliminary results on toddlers’ vocabulary and gestures. Letizia Guerzoni
  • Musical perception in cochlear implant users. Relationship with singing voice. Luis Lassaletta
  • Indications outcomes clinical predictors. Mohamed Alshehabi
  • Cochlear implantation: Experience of the ENT service – Tlemcen University Hospital Center. About 363 cases. Sahraoui Mohammed
  • Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders and cochlear implantation in children. Zdenka Aksenovová
  • Cochlear implant in syndromic inner ear outcome. Saeed Abdullah M Alghamdi


  • Feasibility of Cochlear implantation in an irradiated temporal bone, case report and literature review. Bassam Alzuraiqi
  • Vascular variations in cochlear implant surgery. Carmen Hernandez Torres
  • Otoplan, Cochlear implant and Far-advanced otosclerosis: could the use software improve the Surgical final indication?. Francesca Gioeli
  • Pre-clinical testing and initial results in a clinical study to access the stapedius muscle via a novel retrofacial approach. Gerd Fabian Volk
  • 3D modeling based on segmented Dyna-CT images helps to access the human stapedius muscle. Gerd Fabian Volk
  • Assessing the Significance of Non-Ideally Inserted Perimodiolar Slim Electrodes: Perception and Management Strategies. Jean-Marc Gerard
  • Security tips for the cochlear implant surgery. Luis Durán Pérez
  • Simultaneous bilateral implantation in post-bacterial Meningitis. Manuela Del Carmen Zapata
  • Cochlear implantation in a patient with Paget’s disease. Wolfram Pethe


  • Contribution of surgical planning software to determine the frequency table assignment based in the anatomy. Ana Cristina Hiromi Hoshino
  • Outcomes of cochlear Implantation in NF2 Patients. Chai Yongchuan
  • Diminishing handicap level, Enhancing Emotional, Social Well-being, and Functional Hearing with Cochlear Implants in Single-Sided Deafness. Dayse Tavora-Vieira
  • Effects of wind noise reduction on speech perception with the MED-EL Sonnet cochlear implant audio processor. Guido Reetz
  • Assessing Sound Localization Skills in Cochlear Implant Patients with Unilateral and Asymmetric Neurosensory Hearing Loss. Ignacio Pla-Gil
  • Cochlear reimplantations Karolina Brinzikova
  • Early hearing rehabilitation with cochlear implantation after pneumococcal meningitis: a case report. Ladislav Kaliarik
  • Hearing and self-reported Hearing-Related Quality of Life in Danish Adult CI users: A two-year clinical follow-up study. Line Husted Baungaard
  • A Study of Event-Related Potentials during Monaural and Bilateral Hearing in Single Sided Deaf Cochlear Implant Users in quiet and in the presence of background noise. Marcus Voola
  • Pandemic’s effect on the performance of implanted patients. Maria Da Conceição Peixoto
  • The Impact of Cochlear Implantation on Physical Activity in Adults. Matthew Bush
  • Bilateral cochlear implants: Patient-reported benefits and barriers to implantation for children and adults. Nicholas Kroll
  • Sound localization and patients’ satisfaction in SSD-CI users. Philipp Schoerg
  • CI Services Matter. Sue Archbold
  • Masked speech perception with BCD, CROS, and CI use in adults with single-sided deafness – a prospective hearing device comparison using a unified testing framework. Thomas Wesarg


  • Individual treatment of patients with mixed hearing loss (MHL) – when to use which device. Andreas Radeloff
  • Safety and effectiveness of combining Stapedotomy and Vibroplasty. Joachim Schmutzhard
  • Speech perception and hearing effort using the new SAMBA 2 active middle ear implant audio processor. Torsten Rahne
  • Intraoperative ABR Monitoring Should Be The Standard Of Care in Vibrant Soundbridge Surgery. Udi Katzenell
  • Outcomes of Vibrant Sound Bridge: Speech Perception and Quality of Life. Marzouqi Salamah
  • Hearing rehabilitation and microbial shift after middle ear surgery with Vibrant Soundbridge in patients with chronic otitis media. Karl-Ludwig Bruchhage



  • Evaluation of a sound processor for an active transcutaneous system. Ann-Charlotte Persson
  • 12-years successful Bonebridge implantation: the old and the new generation. Astrid Magele
  • Surgical site comparison of two active implantable transcutaneous bone conduction hearing aid generations. Benjamin Loader
  • Audiological outcomes, and quality of life of the BAHA Attract system. Cristina Blebea
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